luni, 18 mai 2009

Leaked Dream Theater songs

Cannot say it's a good thing, but I managed to find 5 songs from the new Dream Theater album, "Black clouds and silver linings". I had those streaming here, but I felt too guilty and removed them. As usual, mixed impressions after the first audition:D
A Nightmare to Remember - heaviest song of the album (or all albums maybe...), from the dark keyboards to the hell-ish riffs. But most of the heaviness comes from the drums and Portnoy's growl voice, you get double-bass drums speed close to death-metal?! There's a great melodic passage, of course. I love it.
A Rite of Passage - still heavy, cleaner than the previous song, the guys made a video on it, using a shorter version, see below

Wither - very melodic, almost pop-ish, not my favorite, I like the sad intro though
The Shattered Fortress - a strange piece, is made out of previous DT songs, quite cleverly combined, with some adjacent heavy riffs
The Count of Tuscany - more on the progressive side, a large passage with guitar swells, got to listen it more to make a honest opinion.

Overall, a great album, love the two first songs, not so much into the following. "Scenes from a memory" is still my favourite DT album, it's flawless. Also, "Images and words", I believe it's their most "revolutionary" album. It got me into prog music and this lead to jazz music and so on...

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